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Who are we?

Owlchemy Labs is a creative studio with a passion for polished and unique VR experiences and games. Founded in 2010 and based out of Austin, TX, we believe that interaction and using your hands is what truly makes virtual reality the most incredible place to build unique content that blows players minds. We love building experiences oozing with style and full to the brim with our unique brand of humor. We tweet our latest updates from @OwlchemyLabs

Award Winning!

In addition to being amazing, we’re also incredibly humble! Here’s a selection of recent awards that our company has received:

Also check out our Sundance nominated Job Simulator’s awards and accolades here!

What Have We Made?

Our titles include physics racer Snuggle Truck, supernatural log-chopper Jack Lumber, VR skydiving game Aaaaaculus!, mobile VR skydiving game Caaaaardboard!, quirky choose-your-own-adventure Dyscourse, HTC Vive/Oculus Touch/PS VR physics playground Job Simulator, and multiplatform VR title Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, a collaboration with Adult Swim. We followed up on Job Simulator with our award-winning original multiplatform VR game, Vacation Simulator, and are currently developing a free DLC update, Back to Job!

We also founded VR Austin, one of the largest VR-focused meetups in the US with over 2000 members! Before that, the founders started the Boston Unity Group and the Winnipeg Unity User Group.


Photo of the original Job Simulator team: Alex Schwartz, Devin Reimer, Graeme Borland, and Carrie Witt.
The original team behind Job Simulator- prototyping in the middle of a Canadian winter!
(Pictured Left to Right: Alex Schwartz, Devin Reimer, Graeme Borland, Carrie Witt)


We’re hiring!

It takes insanely great people to build the best VR content in the world, so reach out if you think you fit the bill. See our jobs page for open positions.

Owlchemy Team:

Devin Reimer

CEOwl (Chief Executive Owl)
Unfrozen from the Canadian wilds, Devin cultivates a spirit of adventure in the Labs, equipping the team for the journey into the uncharted land of VR, jokes, and floors. While the Texas sun may have thawed him from the chilly north, he still insists on wearing hoodies everywhere.

Andrew Eiche

COOwl (Chief Operating Owl) & Cable Slinger
A seasoned Unity developer and Certified Trello Archivist™, Andrew is quick on the draw when it comes to wrangling code bases, production schedules, and ethernet cables. Legends say he once held together a demo through gale force winds, but the only other witness was in VR.

Carrie Witt

Art Director & Cat Whisperer
Formerly an Owlchemy intern (circa The Early Days), Carrie brings her unique style of art and ‘Witt-iness’ to the table, directing and refining the elusive Owlchemy Charm™. She has an in-depth knowledge of cat culture and a Deep Appreciation of emojis, which is useful… sometimes? Fun fact: Carrie’s spicy food tolerance exceeds most sane humans.

Graeme Borland

Technical Director & All-Hats-Wearer
Scholars have debated Graeme’s actual job description since the late 12th century, but before being a code wizard and speed demon at Owlchemy, legend has it Graeme was once an artist. Fun fact: 8 pairs of sunglasses is Graeme’s current on-face record.

John Romanowski

Senior 3D Artist & UV King
John ensures all of our artistic assets contain the much needed yet pesky and elusive third dimension. Fun fact: John is possibly the only human on earth enamored by the process of UV mapping.

Max Burgess

Senior Gameplay Engineer & Programmer Artist
A Master of Primitives, Max’s skills with the legendary tools known as Sphere, Cylinder, Quad, and Cube are second to none. He prototypes games and smashes spheres to look reminiscent of whatever physical object the game needs with a level of raw force only matched in his epic high fives.

Zi Ye

Expert Engineer & Quaternion Wrangler
Zi’s advanced mathematics and physics wrangling knowledge puts him at the front of the queue whenever the phrase “matrix” or “quaternion” is uttered. Fun fact: Zi doesn’t even need a VR headset to be in VR. He’s virtually unstoppable.

Joel Bergman

Gameplay Engineer & Brain Surgeon
Joel was snatched from the grips of Warren Spector and thrown into the fires of production in an impressively short amount of time. He spans multiple projects and now holds the unofficial title of ‘speedrunner’ and ‘exploit archivist’.

Daniel Perry

Audio Director & Emperor of Soundwaves
Dan has created pleasing sound waves for every single Owlchemy Labs game, from Smuggle Truck to the latest and greatest. His reign as Emperor of Sound Waves carries on so long as his rule is just and beneficent… plus he’s a cool dude.

Ben Hopkins

Senior Graphics Engineer & Mixologist
Ben wields the deep hardcore knowledge necessary to merge various realities for the amusement of others. His shaders bend time, space, as well as the will of man while still running smoothly at 90hz.

Chelsea Howe

Product Director & Tea Fairy

Like all great Owlchemists, Chelsea had been preparing for her role in the labs far before joining. With a long-time passion for owls and general owl-plumage, her talents fit snugly into the nest while also bringing a wise, sage perspective to the design and production process.

Peter Galbraith

Gameplay Engineer & Cyber Pun King
Peter impressed the Owlchemy team with his Unity knowledge, VR design talents, and go-get-em attitude. He’s a straight shooter and quite sharp. One could even call him a sharp shooter, if one so desired.

Colin McInerney

QA Engineer & Meme Curator
Colin’s hybrid skillset with both a development background and QA background has been essential to keep the VR train bug free and chugging along at optimal framerate! Fun fact: Colin McInerney, first of his name, usurped the title of “Meme Curator” with a level of custom emoji that overwhelmed the studio.

Chris Wade

Senior Gameplay Engineer & Wobble Worker
Chris dual-wields both sides of the brain to concoct silly physics, silly art, and very serious code. His mastery of floppy joint physics is essential to the development process.

Ryan Dawson

Lead Engineer & Conjurer of Altered Realities
Ryan skillfully caught our eye at Owlchemy by injecting his own level into one of our games. How he did this will forever be lost to time, and is possibly a state secret. We hired him with hopes we can one day acquire this divine wisdom… and he’s a fantastic developer.

Ali Griggs

Senior Operations Specialist & Builder of Actual Realities
Fighting the perils of studio operations by daylight, winning the adoration of Owls with homemade treats by moonlight— Ali never runs from a challenging task. No matter what logistical impossibility stands in her way, she always saves the day. If you think she can’t, she’ll find a way!

Johnny Attridge Avatar
Johnny Attridge

2D Artist & Medium Scientist
When Johnny told us he was a “Medium Scientist” our first question was what can we do to help him become a “Great Scientist?” It was only upon deep introspection we realized he was talking about different modes of artistic expression. Now the artist part made sense! Although, we are still trying to figure out why he requested a Bunsen Burner…

David Busch

Engineer & Platform Sommelier
To David, Platform Sommelier, finding the right platform is one of life’s truest arts. A properly paired platform must be a bespoke mesh of digital tannins swirling together to become more than the sum of its parts. What pairs well with good hand interaction you may ask? David recommends a codebase with an oaky frontend, a bold strawberry forward middleware, and a backend with notes of cherries freshly cut grass… perfection.

Sean Flanagan

Technical Artist & Style Connoisseur
Entrusted by the gods with both art and code, Sean animates, modulates, saturates, and illuminates our games with only the finest of style. He has spoken of a shader that is too powerful. We just hope he never has to use it.

Alex Hopper

Associate Producer & Production Pantomath
Alex wowed us with her truly insatiable quest for knowledge. She fearlessly pushes into uncharted production territory, learning new things along the way. No matter what topic we bring up she unflinchingly races to learn more. We do not know what she will do once she has acquired all the knowledge in the universe, but we’re looking forward to seeing that.

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